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Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Sitting Discomfort

Give your back and bum the comfort it deserves.

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Cushion Wing

Say Goodbye to Back Pain Discomfort.

Give your back and bum the comfort it deserves.

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The Most Advanced Seat Cushion Yet

We innovated the latest gel technology and fused it with our seat cushions.

Pressure Absorbent

Extremely Pressure Absorbent

Our Flexi-Gel Technology is designed to absorb 400 lb/f of Pressure effortlessly. You can directly sit on an egg full weight on, it won't even break. Oh, we dare you to try it!

Gel Technology

Recommended by Doctors & Chiropractors

The Ergonomic Design and Latest Gel Technology provides the Maximum Support and Comfort you can ever have to finally say goodbye to dreadful Back Pains and Painful Coccyx Problems.

Seat Cushions

Portable, Use It Anywhere

We know that you're a busy person, that means you won't be sitting on one chair alone. CushionTech's Seat Cushions are made portable for all sorts of application - do your meditation, drive in your car, sit on your office chair and bring it anywhere!

Seat Cushion

The last seat cushion you'll ever need

Our Seat Cushions are built to last. Inspired by Honeycombs, it's built with the strongest shape known by nature - Hexagons. It's the best and last seat cushion you'd ever have!

prefer gel cushions over memory foam?

It's packed with so much benefits

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Recommended by Doctor
Relieves Most Back Problem
Even Pressure Distribution
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Therapeutic Comfort
Prevents Bad Sitting Effects
Incredibly Flexible
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Absorbs 400 Ib/f of Pressure
Does Not Deform Overtime
Body Heat Resistant